Smoother Onboarding In A Remote Age

To tackle the hybrid/remote onboarding process, things need to change.

“Already in wide use for hiring purposes, AI is slowly but surely starting to change the ways new hires adjust to their roles.” -Gil Becker, Forbes. The up-and-coming solution is chatbots, powered with AI technology. But let’s be honest; how often have you used a chatbot AND were satisfied with the results?

In comes Vizerto, the Enterprise Digital Assistant that provides real answers to your real questions. If Vizerto doesn’t already have an answer, it will rout it to an expert in your company that does, and doing so without clogging the communication channels. And once that expert provides your team with the answer, it is kept within the system to be pulled again, and again, and again. Give your new sales members the tools to help onboard themselves. Check out Vizerto.

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