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Get credible & faster answers to customer questions

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Overwhelming 65% of Sellers say, finding best answers to their customer questions is painful & time-consuming

Engage through Web, Slack, Email or Mobile

Plain and Simple Consumer like Experience

Ask questions, get instant suggestions or submit to experts, take advantage of Vizerto recommendations, and get notified of answers

1:1 Slack Engagement

Ask Vizerto in slack as if you are engaging with an expert and get 1:1 answers. Use easy to understand interactive components to get the best answers.

Email Vizerto and get an email response

Sales team members sending emails to Technical Expert Email Alias, instead send to Vizerto and get instant answers.

Insights on the dynamic flow of knowledge from creation through consumption

Heatmap into organization's Knowledge Quotient

Insights into trending Seeker questions, Expert responses across business domains, regions, volume and Expert gamification

Extract knowledge from packaged documents

Capture, learn & distribute untapped internal knowledge from emails, meetings, docs, web pages with best in class Information retrieval, data augmentation, curation and AI language modeling framework

How Vizerto Works?



Overwhelming 65% of Sellers say, finding best answers to their customer questions is painful & time-consuming



Accelerate customer decision making, improve sales execution, and increase the scale of expertise



Key Vizerto Facts


Instant answers


Question left unanswered


Time Savings for Experts


Scales Globally

Check out how to build customer trust & win the deal

  • Get instant high quality answers
  • Stop waiting in line for Experts time
  • Avoid rescheduling customer meetings
  • Be well informed & win credibilily
  • Get your time back and close more for the quarter

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Sales Leader Quotes

"Vizerto is a game-changer in how we think of enabling our sales and pre-sales teams"

“I wish I had Vizerto because as recently as last week I saw an email choking everyone’s mailbox on our Threat Protection Qual”

Vizerto connects knowledge across regional, global, product management and engineering experts and puts it in the hands of sales team

“We have 50,000 partners. Only the top 1,000 get support from us, the other 49,000 are left to their own”, Vizerto could be great to expose to our partners.

"Vizerto helps scale our new business models while alleviating need for more experts."