Get the Most out of Your Day

Wouldn’t you like to have more time in the day?

In the post-COVID workspace, sales teams have adopted a wide variety of tools and collaboration platforms to accommodate for the new global and hybrid world. But in a recent study, “Employees report spending about 33% of their day on the job they were actually hired to do” and, on top of that, “at least 30% of regular work activities in customer service, sales, marketing… could be potentially automated.” -Daniel Newman, Forbes.

Vizerto can enable your sales teams to cut anywhere between 20-35% of time by streamlining the information sourcing and sharing process, using a simple question and answer format. Need to know where that presentation is located? Want some more details about the latest product launch? Trying to compare two similar service offerings? Ask Vizerto. Get real answers to your questions, not just references to places where you can begin your search for the answer, and do so within seconds.

Get more time out of your day. Get Vizerto.

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