Real-time, relevant sales enablement without chatbots, search engines, or more knowledge management tools

This is the final article in a three-part series exploring different, better approaches to improving sales enablement challenges. The long-held and time-tested formula for success in B2B sales is the art of managing relationships and building the highest levels of trust.

However, in today’s environment of increasing choice, business complexity, and short attention spans, B2B sales teams are getting tested on an extra factor: being credibly equipped with the facts to respond to customer questions in real-time.

Over the last decade, significant investments have gone into CRM and sales intelligence.

Traditional sales enablement took advantage of sales intelligence delivered through advanced dashboards, backed by insights built by mining years of raw sales data and customer engagement signals. Sales leaders can pinpoint deals with the highest likelihood to close, make precise pricing and discounting decisions, and increase the predictability of pipeline conversion even in the uncertain times of 2020.

So far we’ve seen big waves of B2B sales enablement: (1) generalist sales teams supported by experts (2) sales training and learning management systems, and (3) sales portals and content engines.

Attempts to solve sales enablement challenges in real-time with different learning tools, content management platforms, collaboration tools, community forums, and structures of

Sales Enablement, Sales Engineering, and Product Marketing teams have yielded mixed success.

Content is still hard to find, sits in big libraries, is siloed with experts, and remains unavailable to sellers when they really need it.

Now is the time for something different….

A new category of B2B sales enablement is rapidly emerging: digital enterprise (sales) assistants. Transformational technologies including artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and natural language generation (NLG), along with B2C-like conversational experiences create a breakthrough opportunity to address today’s B2B sales content challenges.

Introducing Vizerto

Vizerto is an enterprise digital sales assistant with a single purpose: to find and deliver the best answers to seller’s questions in real-time.

Understanding the seller’s question is as important as knowing the answer. The question tells you so much about what sellers want, what customer needs and which content really matters.

What does Vizerto do?

● provides sellers fast, accurate answers to their questions

● learns from every seller question to better predict the next answer

● gives time back to the experts

● captures questions and redistributes the best answers at scale, and in real-time, by making expertise available everywhere

● gives answers that are contextual to the seller's questions, eg company environment, products, messaging, terms and conditions, and more.

How does it work?

Vizerto, built by fusing three key elements of advanced AI/ML/NLP techniques, conversational experiences, and secure microservices architecture, deliver impact within six to eight weeks of deployment

At its core, Vizerto performs five simple yet powerful functions:

1. Content ingestion. Vizerto ingests specified content spanning structured and unstructured across text, video, audio, images to set up a comprehensive company-specific business vocabulary.

2. Question interpretation. Sellers submit questions to Vizerto via web, email, Slack, text, or voice. Vizerto’s AI and natural language processing capability interprets the question to zero in on the user’s intent.

3. Answer and suggestion. In real-time, Vizerto finds the most relevant answer from the ingested content; not documents, not paragraphs, not links but answers.

4. Progressive answer path. If no answer is available, Vizerto routes the question to experts, anywhere in the world, for attention, with a quick history of the seller’s actions to assure the best answer.

5. Always gives an answer. Vizerto works behind the scenes through dynamic routing, to make sure “no question is left unanswered”.

The Vizerto difference

Vizerto is NOT a chatbot, a search engine, a new knowledge management platform or community-based content moderation forum.

Vizerto is an always-learning digital sales assistant. Algorithmically driven, fused with machine learning models and informed in B2B business vocabulary, Vizerto uses state-of-the-art methods to:

● re-use existing content without significant effort

● always-on language learning allows Vizerto to understand the intent behind a user’s question, make recommendations, and maximize re-use of answers and questions

● match seller’s questions to a pool of experts with no boundaries

● integrates across multiple interfaces including email, content management, CRM platform and collaboration tools

● provides insights into real seller questions which will specifically show how your organization needs to re-think content and enablement.

Seeing is believing

Sometimes bold claims that new solutions can change the status quo and solve age-old problems, like improving B2B sales productivity, take seeing to believe.

To set up a time for you, or someone in your team, to see Vizerto in action, message us directly.

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